Thursday, December 15, 2005

This Is Me: Caving.

I cave, okay.

that, by the way, is not me, and I don't generally do the sport of caving (what am I saying generally, I've never been caving in my life) rather I mean the kind of caving whereby one gives into something partly against ones will.
OD Sucks, (well it doesn't suck, but my frame of mind when I write there does) and MSN Spaces suck even more. So I am back at blogspot.
THIS is Bradley Murdoch:

How much is he the funniest looking murderer ever?
*Tries to pull that face*
yeah, no, I can't pull it off.
But that is not actually what I wanted to post about this evening.
i actually didn't want to post about anything this morning. Funny that, huh?
I am going to go to bed now, as tomorrow is a BIG day. (Work Christmas party post work. Eep)


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